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Home Beer Brewing – Hobby Or Lifestyle?


Most beer drinkers have entertained the thought of getting involved with home beer brewing especially since they think of the cost of beer these days. There is something about the idea of ​​having friends visit on a hot day, getting the BBQ fired up and bringing out your home brew, that is really quite enticing. But is it something YOU want to do?

Home beer brewing can be as simple as getting yourself a micro-brewing kit and everything you need to turn out your first lot of home brew or as complicated as getting all the 'right' equipment, learning all the right processes and making an income out of it.

When I started my home brewing, I was about to leap into it in a big way, until a friend told me that home beer brewing needs to be approached a little more cautiously. He said, "Jim, with home beer brewing, you need to dip your toes into the water before you decide to dive into it." And he was right. I was really glad he had been there to give me this advice otherwise I would have gotten in way over my head and did not have any appreciation for the dangerous snags waiting to catch out the unwary home brewer.

I dropped a little money on a micro-brewing kit. It was not expensive, and had everything I needed to get started. My first dip into home beer brewing ended up with a very drinkable brew and one I was pleased to share with my mates. They enjoyed the free beer too and several of them are now turning out their own home brew with mixed results but a lot of fun.

I ever got involved in a larger way. I ended up investing in all the right equipment to make a bigger brew and now I have quite a nice home brewing operation going on in my shed. (My wife put her foot down about using the basement because the whole house smelt like a brewery – go figure!)

There is a lot to learn about making a good home brew. There is the equipment, the hops, the malt, the yeast, the quality of the water, the cooking, the fermentation process and that's just the beginning.

So what do you want to do? Take on home beer brewing as a hobby or do you think you want a bigger operation? Take my advice. Start small. Learn the ropes. A steady consistent brewer will turn out a steady consistent brew whereas someone who 'flies by the seat of their pants' will turn out cloudy brews that do not smell too good and are only fit to be poured down a drain. Take a look at my blog. I have some recommendations for you, some advice and suggestions that just may turn your first experiment into home beer brewing into a very successful one.

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